Jehovah Reigns Let All The Guilty Nation

Jehovah reigns, let all
The guilty nations quake;
On cherubs wings he sits
Let earth’s foundations shake:
In Sion he is great,
Above all people high;
O praise his holy name,
Who dwells above the sky,
In awful majesty.

For truth and justice still,
Or strength and pow’r take place;
His righteous judgments are,
Dispens’d to Jacob’s race:
Therefore exalt the Lord,
Before his footstool fall
In adoration low;
And with his pow’r, let all
His holiness extol.

Moses and Aaron thus,
Amongst the priests ador’d
Samuel his prophet too,
He heard, when they implor’d.
Before the camp, their guide
The cloudy pillar mov’d;
They kept his laws, and they
Obedient servants prov’d,
His ordinance they lov’d.

He heard, and oft forgave
Nor would destroy their race,
But oft his wrath was known
When they abus’d his grace:
Then, in his sacred courts,
Due praise to him afford,
For he who holy is,
Alone should be ador’d:
Ye saints, praise ye the Lord.