Jehovah Sovereign King Doth Reign

Jehovah sovereign King doth reign,
Let guilty sinners quake;
He sits between the cherubims,
The earth let reel, and shake.
The Lord, in Sion, great appears,
High o’er all people raised.
By them, thy great, and dreadful name,
Which holy is, be praised.

The king, in all his strength, delights
In judgment; he ordains
What’s right; in Jacob, justice he,
And equity, maintains.
Jehovah, our great God, exalt,
And worshiping bow down;
Prostrate, before his footstool, fall,
For he’s the holy One.

Moses, and Aaron, with his priests,
Samuel, with those addressed
His sacred name, called on the Lord;
Who answered their request.
God, from the pillar of a cloud,
Declared to them his will;
Then they his testimonies kept,
And statutes did fulfill.

Thou answeredst them, O Lord, our God;
Thy people for their sake,
Forgavest oft, yet on their works,
Didst just revenges take.
Therefore exalt the Lord, our God,
And in his courts adore;
Because Jehovah, our great God
Is holy evermore.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,