Jerusalem The Glorious The Glory Of The

Jerusalem, the glorious!
The glory of th’elect!
O dear and future vision
That eager hearts expect;
E’en now by faith I see thee:
E’en here thy walls discern;
To thee my thoughts are kindled,
And strive, and pant, and yearn.

Oh, none can tell thy bulwarks,
How gloriously they rise;
Oh, none can tell thy capitals
Of beautiful device;
Thy loveliness oppresses
All human thought and heart;
And none, O Peace, O Zion,
Can sing thee as thou art.

Jerusalem, exulting
On that securest shore,
I hope thee, wish thee, sing thee,
And love thee evermore!
O sweet and blessed country,
Shall I ever see thy face?
O sweet and blessed country,
Shall I ever win thy grace?

I have the hope within me
To comfort and to bless!
Shall I ever win the prize itself?
O tell me, tell me, yes!
Exult, O dust and ashes!
The Lord shall be thy part;
His only, His forever,
Thou shalt be, and thou art!