Jerusalem Thou City Built On High

Jerusalem, thou city built on high!
Oh that I were in thee:
With full desire my heart doth upward fly,
Nor longer rests in me.
Far over dale and mountain,
Far o’er the earth’s wide field,
My heart to God ascending,
Itself to Him doth yield.

O glorious city! thee my spirit hails:
Unfold thy gates of grace:
With long delay my heart within me fails,
For you, pure dwelling place!
Forth from this day of evil
Life which I scarcely live,
I seek that land of promise
Which God to me doth give.

T he elders there and prophets’ noble band,
And Christ’s whole company,
Who bear the cross’ yoke at His command,
For Him prepared to die-
I see in joyous freedom,
And glory sweeping by:
All with bright beams surrounded,
As suns they shine on high.

When at the last I thither shall ascend
To that bright paradise,
The joy shall fill my heart that knows no end;
Praise from my lips shall rise.
The blest their hallelujahs
In glory there prolong,
And raise their glad hosannas
In everlasting song.