Jesus Blest Many Little Children

Jesus blest many little children
When he was on earth below;
Oh, it makes me so glad and happy
When I think he loved them so.

Jesus loves the little children,
He loves them, He loves them,
Jesus loves the little children,
The Bible tells me so.

When he lovingly called them to him,
Took them kindly on his knee,
When he said unto his disciples:
“Let the children come to me.” [Refrain]

He looks down from above and sees us,
Hearing ev’ry word we say;
How it grieves him to see us sinful,
And sometimes forget to pray. [Refrain]

Yes, I know Jesus loves the children,
And he watches all they do;
And I know that he smiles upon them
When they’re loyal, good and true. [Refrain]