Jesus Calls For Soldiers True Who Will

Jesus calls for soldiers true;
Who will follow his command?
Rally at the gospel call,
A loyal band?
Faithful in the smallest trial,
Conq’ringev’ry sin,
By a cross of self-denial
A crown to win.

On to the conflict!
The struggle ne’er give o’er.
We march, we march
In the army of the Lord;
We march, we march,
Our might Saviour leading;
Away, away,
Where the conflict fiercely rages,
We will march to victory.

Who will join the Christian band?
Who will answer at the call,
In the battle front to stand,
Nor backward fall?
Jesus leads his army on,
Over land and wave,
Thousands to redeem from sin,
Their souls to save. [Refrain]

We will never, never yield,
Tho’ outnumbered by the foe,
With the gospel’s sword and shield
We forward go;
We will never be dismayed,
For the mighty power
Of angelic hosts will aid
From hour to hour. [Refrain]