Jesus Christ The Stars Of Night

Jesus Christ, the stars of night
Faintly shine thro’ evening light,
While before Thine altar we
Lift our thankful hearts to Thee.

On the distant hills the day
Sinks in deep’ning shade away;
But Thy presence ever near,
Shields us in the hour of fear.

As the evening dews descend,
Be Thou with us, heavenly Friend!
Let Thy Spirit’s whispering,
Peace to all our spirits bring!

Son of God! Thy glorious praise
From our trembling lips we raise,
On Thy throne of light on high,
Hear and heed the contrite sigh!

Savior! Though our words are weak,
‘Tis Thy glory now we seek!
May our faint example shine,
Teach us that its light is Thine!

Jesus Christ! the stars of night
Brightly shine with joyous light;
While in adoration we,
Lord of Love, look up to Thee!