Jesus Cometh Jesus Cometh For The Jewels

Jesus cometh! Jesus cometh,
For the jewels all his own;
Little children are his jewels,
They should shine for him alone.

Children, children,
Are the jewels bright and fair,
Precious jewels,
Gathered for the King to wear.

In his crown of light and beauty
By and by these gems shall shine;
“When I come,” the Lord has told us,
“I will call these jewels mine.” [Chorus]

Jesus cometh, watch, be ready,
Fear the Lord, be pure, be true;
Oh, be just, and ever freely
Give, as he has given you. [Chorus]

Willing workers for the Master,
In the Saviour’s service true;
Look to Jesus who has loved you,
Do what he would have you do. [Chorus]