Jesus Dear And Hallowed Name

Jesus! dear and hallowed name,
Falling sweetly on my ear;
Thee, above all other names,
Doth my grateful heart revere.

Precious name! holy name!
Glory is thine own;
Life and mercy come to me
Through thy grace alone.

Jesus! Oh, what thrills of hope
Lift my soul to noble life!
Blessed talisman of love
With me through all earthly strife. [Refrain]

Jesus! wondrous power and might
Dwell within that sacred name;
When I feel temptation near,
Then thy strength divine I claim. [Refrain]

Jesus! let me hear that name
In my hour of pain and grief,
Over all my troubled soul
Casting then its sweet relief. [Refrain]

Jesus! when I say farewell
To all else I hold most dear,
May that hallowed name of names
Fall upon my listening ear. [Refrain]