Jesus Graciously Is Calling

Jesus graciously is calling,
Mighty is his power to save;
His compassion faileth never;
Come, his life for you he gave.

Are you coming; coming, coming,
Are you coming to Jesus now?
Are you coming, coming, coming,
Are you coming to Jesus now?

From the glory of the kingdom
To redeem the lost he came;
Now he asks you to receive him,
And to bear his blessed name. [Chorus]

He has paved the way before you,
In the gate ajar he stands;
Will you linger, idly straying,
While he waits with outstretched hands? [Chorus]

Is your soul in bondage pining?
He has all your ransom paid;
Are you weary, heavy-laden?
Upon him your sins are laid. [Chorus]

Still he’s calling, gently calling,
As he oft has called before;
Will you longer slight his mercy,
Turning from the open door? [Chorus]