Jesus Has Entered Within The Veil

Jesus has entered within the veil
That hides the bright homeland from me;
And when I at last the veil have pass’d,
His glory my eyes shall see.

Only a veil, only a veil
Only a veil between;
It is not far away to the homeland,
There is only a veil between.

Friends I loved dear, who have gone before
I’ll meet at the beautiful throne;
With heavenly bands I’ll strike glad hands
And know e’en as I am known. [Refrain]

Wonderful visions shall I behold,
When into that homeland I go;
And music more sweet my ear will greet,
Than e’er I have known before. [Refrain]

Holiest rapture shall fill my soul,
When Jesus my Saviour I see;
On heav’n’s homeland shore the veil no more
Shall hide his dear face from me. [Refrain]