Jesus Has Taken A Beautiful Bud

Jesus has taken a beautiful bud,
Out of our garden of love,
Borne it away to the city of God,
Home of the angels above.

Gathering buds, gathering buds,
Wonderful care will be giv’n;
Jesus is gathering day after day,
Buds for the palace of heav’n.

Full blooming flowers alone will not do,
Some must be young and ungrown;
So the frail buds He is gathering, too,
Beautiful gems for His throne. [Chorus]

Fathers and mothers, weep not or be sad,
Still on the Savior rely;
You shall behold them again and be glad,
Beautiful flowers on high. [Chorus]

Blooming in beauty in heaven they are,
Blooming for you and for me;
Follow the Lord, tho’ the city be far,
Till our bright blossoms we see. [Chorus]