Jesus Hears Us While We Pray Humbly To H

Jesus hears us while we pray
Humbly to him day by day;
Hears us when we truly seek
Grace and strength our cares to meet.

Jesus hears us while we pray,
Jesus helps us every day
O’er the rough and weary way,
Praise his precious name.

We can take our smallest care
To the Cross and leave it there;
We can cast the greatest grief
At his feet and find relief. [Chorus]

Jesus knows our every need,
Ere to him our wants we plead;
Knows the sorrows, knows the joy,
Knows when cares or sin annoy. [Chorus]

Oh, the comfort we receive
When with him our all we leave;
Oh, how sweet is such a Friend,
On whose love we can depend. [Chorus]