Jesus Help Thy Fallen Creature

Jesus, help thy fallen creature!
Conqueror of the world thou art,
Stronger than the foe, and greater
Than this poor rebellious heart:
Power I know to thee is given,
Power to sentence or release,
Power to shut or open heaven;
thou alone hast all the keys.

Open, then, in great compassion,
Open mercy’s door to me,
Out of mighty tribulation
Bring me forth thy face to see;
O cut short my days of mourning
Quickly to my rescue come,
Let me joyfully returning
Reach my everlasting home.

Hear me, Lord, myself bemoaning,
Banish’d from my native place,
Languishing for God, and groaning
To appear before thy face:
From this bodily oppression
Set my earnest spirit free,
Give me now the full possession,
Let me now thy glory see.

If thou ever didst discover
To my faith the promis’d land,
Bid me now the stream pass over,
On that heavenly border stand,
Now surmount whate’er opposes,
Into thine embraces fly;
Speak the word thou spak’st to Moses,
Bid me get me up, and die.