Jesus If Still Thou Art Today

Jesus, if still thou art to-day
As yesterday the same,
Present to heal, in me display
The virtue of thy name.

If still thou go’st about to do
Thy needy creatures good:
On me, that I thy praise may show,
Be all thy wonders show’d.

Now, Lord, to whom for help I call,
Thy miracles repeat;
With pitying eyes behold me fall
A leper at thy feet.

Loathsome, and foul, and self-abhorr’d,
I sink beneath my sin;
But if thou wilt, a gracious word
Of thine can make me clean.

Thou seest me deaf to thy commands,
Open, O Lord, my ear;
Bid me stretch out my wither’d hands,
And lift them up in prayer.

Silent (alas! thou know’st how long)
My voice, I cannot raise;
But O! when thou shalt loose my tongue
The dub shall sing thy praise.

Lame at the pool I still am found:
Give, and my strength employ;
Light as a hart I then shall bound,
The lame shall leap for joy.

Blind from my birth to guilt and thee;
And dark I am within;
The love of God I cannot see,
The sinfulness of sin.

But thou, they say, art passing by,
O let me find thee near!
Jesus, in mercy, hear my cry,
Thou Son of David, hear!

Long have I waited in the way,
For thee the heavenly light;
Command me to be brought, and say,
“Sinner, receive thy sight.”