Jesus Is A Friend Indeed Tullar

Jesus is a Friend indeed,
You can trust Him,
He can fill your deepest need,
You can trust Him;
Truer Friend can never be,
None so quick to help as He,
Matchless love so full and free!
You can trust Him.

Trust Him, only trust Him,
He will guide you safely, all the way,
Trust Him, only trust Him,
You can trust Him thru each passing day.

Needed strength He will provide,
If you trust Him,
He will be your constant Guide,
If you trust Him;
On His arm you can depend,
He is mighty to defend,
Ever ready to befriend,
If you trust Him. [Refrain]

Do not then in danger roam,
Will you trust Him?
Let Him lead you safely home,
Simple trust Him;
He will take your sin away,
Turn your darkest night to day,
Never from the Saviour stray
Only trust Him. [Refrain]