Jesus Is Calling For Workers Today Ulmer

Jesus is calling for workers today,
Are you now ready the call to obey;
Ready and willing just now to reply,
While he is calling, “Dear Lord, here am I.”

Great is the harvest, but the laborers are few;
Work in abundance very one find to do;
While he is calling, haste to reply,
“Ready for service, dear Lord, here am I.”

Lost ones are straying in darkness and sin,
Jesus would have us to gather them in;
While to the burdened and sorrowing heart,
In his dear name we may comfort impart. [Refrain]

Tho’ oft your efforts seem fruitless and vain,
Yonder in heaven all motives are plain;
What here below seems a failure complete,
There may prove treasure eternal and sweet. [Refrain]

Be not discouraged nor think the day long,
Soon we shall join in the reaper’s glad song;
Soon with rejoicing our trophies shall bring,
Laying them down at the feet of our King. [Refrain]