Jesus Is Calling Is Calling To You Rouse

Jesus is calling, is calling to you,
“Rouse thee, my child! My work waits for thee;
Lo, in my vineyard there’s work yet to do,
Come, labor there with me.”
White are the fields, and the reapers are needed,
Shall some be lost while the call is unheeded?
Forth to the work! It is no time to sleep!
I’ll strengthen and help thee, my presence shall keep.

Hark! ‘Tis the Saviour! He’s calling for thee,
“Hasten, my child, my work waits for you;
Though my salvation is boundless and free,
Thou hast a part to do.”

Do with thy might what thy hands find to do,
Small tasks or great, He counts them the same;
Who knows the good that a small deed may do,
Done in the Master’s name?
Hasten the day that so surely is dawning!
Labor with joy in the light of the morning;
Work with thy might till the night hides the sun,
Then thine be the words of the Master: “Well done.” [Refrain]