Jesus Is Calling The Brave And The Faith

Jesus is calling the brave and the faithful,
Jesus is calling the tried and the true;
Soldiers are gath’ring to fight in the conflict:
Surely the Captain is calling for you.

Marching along in the strength of the Lord,
Gird on the armor bright,
Put all your foes to flight;
Marching along in the strength of the Lord,
On, on to victory!

Ne’er will we falter nor turn from the conflict,
While foes are gath’ring in battle array;
Then bravely fight in the strength of Jehovah;
On with the armor, and march to the fray! [Chorus]

On to the field with the sword of the Spirit,
Bravely content ‘gainst temptation and sin;
That glorious kingdom ye soon shall inherit,
Trusting your Captain, a crown ye shall win. [Chorus]