Jesus Is Calling Thee Sinner Today

Jesus is calling thee, sinner today,
Why do you linger, why turn Him away?
Turn to Him gladly, O list to His voice
Whisper softly, “I’ll make thee rejoice.”

Calling for thee, yes, He’s calling for thee,
Waiting so patiently, calling for thee,
Long He has waited thy heart to receive,
Long He has called, called for thee.

His life a ransom He gave on the tree,
For thy salvation He suffered for thee;
He stands and knocks at the door of thy heart,
Open it quickly ere Jesus depart. [Chorus]

He longs to bless thee, to be thy dear guest,
Carry thy burdens and give thee sweet rest;
Come unto Jesus, O sinner come home,
Jesus is calling thee, why longer roam? [Chorus]