Jesus Is Calling You To The Light

Jesus is calling you to the light,
Sweetly his accents thrill;
While he is bidding you come tonight,
Only say, “Lord, I will.”

Only say, “Lord, I will, I will!”
Only say, “Lord I will, I will!”
While he so tenderly bids you come,
Answer him, “Lord I will.”

Jesus is bidding you at his feet
All of your sins to lay;
He will give pardon and peace complete,
Taking your guilt away. [Refrain]

Jesus invites you to come in faith,
Laden with grief and blame;
“I will forgive you,” his dear voice saith;
Trust in his saving name. [Refrain]

Bid all your hindering doubts depart,
Cling to Christ’s promise still;
While he is saying, “Give me thine heart,”
Answer him, “Lord, I will.” [Refrain]