Jesus Is Coming Shout The Glad Song

Jesus is coming, shout the glad song,
Radiant with glory, fair as the morn,
Down from his Father’s glorious throne,
Coming in triumph, claiming his own.

Yes, he is coming, coming this way;
Surely he’s coming, ’tis most break of day;
Watching and waiting, life’s work all done,
Take us, dear Saviour, safe to our home.

None but the righteous, rob’d in pure white,
Ever shall gaze on him with delight,
None but the ransom’d, spotless and clean,
Ever shall in Christ’s kingdom be seen. [Chorus]

Loved ones who sleep in death’s cold embrace,
Waiting in hope shall see his dear face,
When they awake from death and the grave,
Rise shouting “Vic’try! Mighty to save.” [Chorus]

O how our hearts will thrill with delight,
When we are thro’ with earth’s dreary night,
Safe in the harbor, life’s storms all past,
Jesus has come and we’re home at last. [Chorus]