Jesus Is Here Is Not Your Heart Burning

Jesus is here; is not your heart burning?
Lo, in our midst doth the Master await;
Willing to save us, his great heart is yearning,
Come to him now, ere it be too late.

Jesus is here; O come to him, brother,
Wait not another day, O come to him now;
His is our Saviour, there is no other
Who for our sins can free pardon bestow.

Jesus is here; he waits to forgive thee,
Heed thou his pleading, and kneel at his throne;
Turn not away, for no more he may call thee,
Peace thou wilt find through his mercy alone. [Refrain]

Jesus is here; with thee he is pleading,
Grieve not his loving heart, do not delay;
Death may not leave thee an hour for repentance,
Come to him, brother, he calls thee today. [Refrain]