Jesus Is My Joy My All

Jesus is my Joy, my All,
He for me His life hath given;
I am His, I hear His call;
He hath writ my name in heaven.
Earthly treasures pass away;
Jesus I will love for aye.

Riches, pomp, and earthly joy
Cannot tempt my soul from heaven;
Gold is mingled with alloy,
Bitterness with sweetness given,
Riches flee and hopes decay;
Jesus’ grace abides alway.

In my Jesus I am blest,
He to pleasant pastures leads me,
Stills my soul and gives it rest,
And with heavenly manna feeds me.
Earthly things must face and fall;
Jesus is my Life, my All.

Then away, O world! thy joy
Leads the soul to grief and sorrow;
Death is found in sin’s employ
Fears to-day, regrets to-morrow.
Jesus only satisfies;
Jesus points me to the skies!