Jesus Is My Savior This I Know

Jesus is my Saviour, this I know,
He has given peace to my heart.
When my soul was burdened, filled full of woe,
Seeking from my sin to part,
Graciously he heard me when I prayed,
Drew me to his riven side,
There by faith I washed, and so was saved,
His blood was there applied.

O that’s the place where I love to be,
For mighty wonders there I see.
Would you be blest? Then tarry with me
At the cross of Jesus.

There I came to Jesus, bound and sad,
Liberty I claimed from my sin;
Readily he gave it, and O so glad
Was my heart then made by him.
Fetters which had bound me he destroyed;
Blessed is the spot to me
Where I knelt to thank him, overjoyed
To find my soul was free.

Would you know the peace which Jesus gives?
Would you know the joy he bestows?
Would you know the strength the sinner receives
When his heart the blood o’erflows?
Come, without delaying, let us go
Where the precious fountain springs
That can make the sinner white as snow,
Removing all his sins.