Jesus Is My Tender Shepherd

Jesus is my tender Shepherd,
Gently leading day by day;
Watching me with ceaseless vigil,
Lest I from him go astray.

Jesus is my tender Shepherd,
Going with me ev’rywhere;
Hallelujah, what a Shepherd!
I am safe while in his care.

Into pastures green and pleasant,
By the waters still and calm,
There my Shepherd, goes before me,
Shielding me from want and harm. [Chorus]

When life’s dangers thicken round me,
When the enemy is near,
Then my Shepherd, sweetly speaking,
Bids me never doubt or fear. [Chorus]

When at last the storm clouds gather,
And the night comes dark and cold,
When earth’s toil, and care is ended,
I shall rest within his hold. [Chorus]