Jesus Wants To Lead You On Lifes Rugged

Jesus wants to lead you on life’s rugged way,
If you’ll only take Him as your guide;
He will never fail you in the darkest day,
He’ll always be your Friend, what e’er betide.

Jesus will help you and your heavy burdens bear,
Jesus will love you, when there’s no one else to care;
He will pardon ev’ry sin,
Make you clean and pure within,
Only trust in Jesus and walk with Him.

If you fall or falter thinking all is lost,
Call on Him and He will answer true;
He is always waiting lovingly for all,
His arms are ever open wide for you. [Refrain]

Trust in Jesus only, cares will pass away,
Trust in Him for vict’ry in the strife;
Help the poor and needy wand’rers in the way,
And show to them the way, the truth, the life. [Refrain]