Lift Up Your Eyes To The Fields That Are

Lift up your eyes to the fields that are whit’ning;
Hark! ’tis the voice of the master and Lord;
See, on each side there is work for the reaper,
Sheaves that are golden shall be the reward.

Are you a reaper?
Are you a reaper?
Gathering fruit unto life evermore?
Lift up your eyes, for the harvest is ready;
Hasten, oh, hasten to gather your store!

Look on the fields how the harvest is wasting,
Waiting for reapers to garner it in;
He that is faithful receiveth his wages;
Joy everlasting the reaper shall win. [Refrain]

Souls that are ready to enter the kingdom,
Wait for the glad invitation today;
“Go ye and tell,” is the word of the Master,
Servant of Jesus, oh, hear, and obey. [Refrain]

Reap for His glory in fields that are nearest,
Look all abroad, for the harvest is white:
O’er the wide earth are the sheaves to be garnered,
Hasten, O reaper, fast cometh the night. [Refrain]