Live Nearer To Jesus

Live nearer to Jesus,
Trusting ever in Him;
He waiteth to free us
From the bondage of sin.
Stand up for the Savior,
Stand up ever for Him.
In duty ne’er waver,
He is Savior and king.

In His love we’re stronger,
In His strength we conquer;
Trust in self no longer,
Trust Thy Savior and king.

Live nearer to Jesus,
Ever trust in His power;
Thro’ life He will lead us,
Cheering every dark hour.
Stray not from His keeping,
In Him always abide;
Joys constantly reaping,
Clinging close to His side. [Refrain]

Live nearer to Jesus,
And His Spirit receive;
He’ll never deceive us-
O, His promise believe.
Sweet is the communion,
Yes, more precious than gold;
In heavenly union
We His beauty behold. [Refrain]