Lo Hills And Mountains Shall Bring Forth

Lo! hills and mountains shall bring forth
The happy fruits of peace,
Which all the land shall own to be
The work of righteousness;

While David’s Son our needy race
Shall rule with gentle sway;
And from their humble neck shall take
Oppressive yokes away.

In every heart Thy awful fear
Shall then be rooted fast,
As long as sun and moon endure,
Or time itself shall last.

He shall descend like rain, that cheers
The meadow’s second birth;
Or like warm showers, whose gentle drops
Refresh the thirsty earth.

In His blest days the just and good
Shall spring up all around;
The happy land shall everywhere
With endless peace abound.

His uncontroll’d dominion shall
From sea to sea extend;
Begin at proud Euphrates’ stream,
At nature’s limits end.

To Him the savage nations round
Shall bow their servile heads;
His vanquish’d foes shall lick the dust,
Where He His conquest spreads.

The kings of Tarshish and the isles
Shall costly presents bring;
From spicy Sheba gifts shall come,
And wealthy Saba’s king.

To Him shall every king on earth
His humble homage pay;
And differing nations gladly join
To own His righteous sway.

For He shall set the needy free,
When they for succour cry;
Shall save the helpless and the poor,
And all their wants supply.

For Him shall constant prayer be made,
Through all His prosperous days:
His just dominion shall afford
A lasting theme of praise.

The memory of His glorious name
Through endless years shall run;
His spotless fame shall shine as bright
And lasting as the sun.

In Him the nations of the world
Shall be completely bless’d,
And His unbounded happiness
by every tongue confess’d.

Then bless’d be God, the mighty Lord,
The God Whom Israel fears;
Who only wondrous in His works
Beyond compare, appears.

Let earth be with His glory fill’d
For ever bless His name;
Whilst to His praise the listening world
Their glad assent proclaim.