Lo In The Likeness Of Fire

Hail thee, Festival Day!
blest day that art hallowed forever;
day when the Lord from heaven
shone in the world with his grace.

Lo! in the likeness of fire,
on those who await his appearing,
he whom the Lord foretold
suddenly, swiftly descends. [Refrain]

Forth from the Father he comes
with his sevenfold mystical dowry,
pouring on human souls
infinite riches of God. [Refrain]

Hark! in a hundred tongues
Christ’s own, his chosen apostles,
preach to a hundred tribes
Christ and his wonderful works. [Refrain]

Praise to the Spirit of Life,
all praise to the fount of our being,
light that now lightens all,
life that in all now abides. [Refrain]