Lo In Thy Hand I Lay

Lo! in thy hand I lay,
And wait thy will to prove,
My Potter, stamp on me thy clay,
Thy only stamp of love!
Be this my whole desire,
I know that this is thine;
Then kindle in my soul a fire,
Which shall for ever shine.

Thy gracious readiness
To save mankind assert;
Thy image, love, thy name impress,
Thy nature on my heart!
Bowels of mercy, hear,
Into my soul come down;
Let it throughout my life appear,
That I have Christ put on.

O plant in me thy mind!
O fix in me thy home!
So shall I cry to all mankind,
Come to the waters come!
Jesus is full of grace;
To all his bowels move:
Behold in me, ye fallen race,
That God is only love!