Lo On Zions Holy Mountain

Lo! on Sion’s holy mountain,
Stands the Lamb of God Most High,
While around him all the guileless
Chant His praise eternally.

On their foreheads, pure and spotless,
Shines the Father’s awful Name;
And these Saints, so bright and glorious,
Out of tribulation came.

Onward, onward, ever onward!
Follow they the Lamb Most High,
Wheresoever Jesus goeth,
Nigh to Him, for ever nigh.

Shepherd kind, we too would follow;
We are Thine, our Leader be,
Give us holy perseverance,
That Thy Glory we may see.

So on Sion’s holy mountain,
In the dear Land far away,
With all pure and guileless spirits
We may dwell in endless day.

Onward, onward, ever onward,
Following Thee, O Christ Most High,
Wheresoever, Lord, Thou goest,
Nigh to Thee, for ever nigh.