Lo She Is Not Dead But Sleeping

“Lo, *she is not dead, but sleeping”-
Thus the blessed Master spake-
Why are all these tears of weeping?
We shall in His likeness wake.

Only sleeping, sweetly sleeping,
While the angels vigil keep;
Jesus gives to His beloved
Rest at last in peaceful sleep.

Just asleep, *her soul immortal,
Dwelling now beyond life’s woes,
Finds from care and pain and sorrow
Sweet and undisturbed repose. [Refrain]

As a dream when one awaketh,
As a tale when it is told;
Thus its flight the spirit taketh,
Dust returns to earthly mold. [Refrain]

Like the pearly drops of morning
Soaring upward toward the sun,
Thus our spirits are returning
To their Maker, one by one. [Refrain]

Death no dreaded sting containeth,
For the soul, in Jesus blest,
O’er the grave a vict’ry gaineth-
He who finds this heav’nly rest. [Refrain]

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