Lo The Almighty King Of Glory

Lo! th’ Almighty King of Glory,
Sends his awful summons forth!
Calls the nations all before him!
From the east, south, west and north!
His loud trumpet, his loud trumpet, his loud trumpet,
Rend the tombs the dead awake!

Now behold the dead arising;
Great and small before him stand;
Not one soul forgot, or missing,
None his orders countermand;
All stand waiting, all stand waiting, all stand waiting
For their last decisive doom.

Now the Saviour; once despised,
Comes to judge the quick and dead:
See the foes each one with horror,
Lifting up his guilty head.
How they tremble; how they tremble, how they tremble!
At the Lamb’s tremendous bar!

Now they see him on the rainbow
With his countless guards around;
Saints and Angels his retinue,
With their harps of sweetest sound;
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Echoes sweet from all the choir.

Now his chosen gladly meet him,
All seraphic, all divine!
Lo, they join the glorious army,
Whose bright robes the sun outshine!
All triumphant! all triumphant! all triumphant,
See the grand Redeemed throng.

Then behold the dreadful sentence
On the foes of Christ is past:
Down to hell without repentance,
All the guilty croud is cast,
While the ransom’d, while the ransom’d, while the ransom’d,
All applaud the righteous doom.

Now attend the noble army,
Wash’d in their Redeemer’s blood;
Swift and joyful is their journey,
To the palace of their God!
All victorious! all victorious! all victorious,
Hallelujah to the lamb!

O ye Sinners now give glory
To the great eternal Three!
While such danger lies before you
Can you unconcerned be?
Judgment hastens! Judgment hastens! Judgment hastens!
Mercy, mercy now implore!