Lo The Church At Last Is Waking

Lo, the Church at last is waking,
And beneath God’s spell is breaking
Into living flame;
Christians, let us cease our dreaming,
Cease in efforts only seeming,
Putting us to shame.

While the fire of God is falling,
While the voice of God is calling,
While the need is so appalling,
Christians, seek the heav’nly flame.

Lo, the torch of God is burning,
Worldly planning overturning
With his holy flame!
Many hearts are meekly bending,
Wilt thou not thine own surrend’ring
This great blessing claim? [Refrain]

O my soul for thy refining,
For thy clearer, brighter shining,
Do thou seek the flame!
For the sake of bruised and dying,
For the lost in darkness lying,
And for Jesus’ name! [Refrain]

Yea, the gracious Lord is seeking
Witnesses to rouse the sleeping
Fired with heav’nly flame!
On the holy Ghost relying,
Thy vocation ever plying,
Saving grace proclaim. [Refrain]