Lo The Darkness Gathers Round Us

Lo, the darkness gathers round us:
Christians, we must watch and pray;
Many secret foes surround us,
Dangers threaten night and day.
While the enemy is keeping
Careful vigil in his tower,
Should the Church of Christ be sleeping
At her ease in pleasure’s bower?

Let the beacon lights be burning
With a clear and ruddy glow;
Eager eyes to us are turning-
Steady gleams toward them throw!

Quicken we the dying embers,
And our watch lights let us trim:
Who the Master’s love remembers,
Must arise and shine for Him.
‘Tis no time to be half-hearted,
Wavering, faltering, blown about.
In His service have we started?
No one, then, must be in doubt! [Refrain]

Let the flames be shooting upward;
Add as fuel faith and love:
And sweet hope which beckons onward:
And the graces of a dove:
Patience, gentleness, uprightness,
Joy, and true humility-
Shining forth in golden brightness:
Shining daily, hourly. [Refrain]

Lord, on Thee, the Rock of Ages,
Low we lay each willing heart;
Help us while the conflict rages,
And to each Thy strength impart.
Let our earnest prayers ascending
Reach the King enthroned on high:
Then shall seven-fold gifts descending
All our seven-fold needs supply. [Refrain]