Lo The God By Whom Salvation

Lo! the God by whom salvation
Is to fallen men restored;
Now resumes his blissful station,
Shows himself th’ Almighty Lord;
Slow ascending,
Bids us for a whole farewell.

Who his heavenly state suspended,
And for man’s atonement died;
By unnumbered hosts attended
Rises to his father’s side;
Borne by angels
Back to his eternal throne.

Seraphs chant his endless praises,
Guard him to his ancient seat;
Open wide, ye heavemly places,
Your returning God admit:
Heavenly portals,
Let the King of glory in!

Christ his kingdom re-inherits,
His before the world began;
Myriads of admiring spirits
Hover round the Son of Man;
Rapt in wonder,
View the wounds he bore for us.

Worthy thou of exaltation,
Lost in sweet surprise thy sing:
Mortals with like acclamation,
Hail your great redeeming King;
Let your voices,
Emulate th’ angelic choir.

Yes, O Christ, from every creature,
praise shall to thy name be given;
Worthy thou of more and greater,
King of saints, and King of heaven!
Kindling transports
Swell our hearts and tune our tongues.

Tho, our Lord is taken from us,
Present but in spirit now,
This his faithful word of promise
Made, while sojourning below;
“Where I enter,
“Thither shall my servants come.”

Him we praise for his ascension,
Conqueror of sin and death;
Gone up to prepare a mansion
For his ransomed flock beneath;
They shall quickly
Reign with him in glory there.

There already is our treasure,
There our heart, our hope, our crown;
Thence on sublunary pleasure,
We, with holy scorn, look down:
Earth hath nothing
Worth a moment’s transient thought.

We shall soon in bliss adore thee,
Gain the realms of endless day;
Soon be gathered home to glory,
All our tears be wiped away;
There, for ever,
Sing the Lamb’s new song of love.

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians,