Lo The Harvest Field Is Bending

Lo! the harvest field is bending,
Who will reap the golden grain,
Who will bear the sheaves away?
There are many idly standing
In the market and the lane,
But the reapers, where are they?

Who will gather, who will gather?
Who will gather in the golden grain?

See the many that are waiting,
‘Round about the golden field,
All in idleness today;
They have themes, they have suggestions,
For the labor and the yield,
But the reapers, where are they? [Refrain]

Hasten, brother, to the harvest,
To the harvest of the Lord!
Gather sheaves from near and far,
So that when the Master calleth,
This shall be the welcome word:-
“Blessed reapers; here they are!” [Refrain]