Lo The Ripened Grain Is Waving

Lo! the ripen’d grain is waving,
Ready for the harvest hands;
Calling loudly for more lab’rers,
See! the blessed Master stands.

Who is ready for the harvest?
Who will work for dying souls today?
Who will speak for the blessed Master?
Who will labor, watch, and pray?

Who is ready to obey Him?
Who, responsive to His word,
Now will go into the harvest,
Glad to labor for their Lord? [Chorus]

Workers, see, your Lord is standing,
Looking with benignant smile;
Watching all your faithful labors,
Giving you good cheer the while! [Chorus]

Say, is not the work a pleasure?
Is not toil a present joy?
Is not labor rest, when Jesus
Smiles upon your blest employ? [Chorus]

Who can tell the wealth of blessing,
Crowning that rich “harvest-home,”
When within the heavenly portals,
All the faithful lab’rers come? [Chorus]

O, the rapture!, O, the glory!
O, the wondrous feast of love!
When the sowers and the reapers
Gather in their house above. [Chorus]