Lo The Shepherd Calls His Flock

Lo, the Shepherd calls His flock
From a world of sin and danger;
Calls us, young and old, to His peaceful fold,
O hear His voice!
Lest in darkened paths we stray,
Let us heed His word today.

Come, come to Christ today, the Shepherd’s call obeying;
Seek, seek the better way, no more from Jesus straying;
O come! Know ye the Shepherd’s love;
To God be glory! To God be Glory!
Until we meet above.

Lo, the Shepherd guides His flock,
By the streams of living waters;
Through the darkened vale, love will never fail,
O hear His voice!
“Follow me,” we hear Him say;
Let us head His word today. [Refrain]

Lo, the Shepherd saves His flock,
He will gather them in glory;
Ev’ry danger past, we will meet at last,
O hear His voice!
Nevermore from Him to stray,
In that bright, eternal day. [Refrain]