Lo The Shepherds Abiding

Lo! the shepherds, abiding in the fields by night,
Many years ago,
Heard the voices of angels, saw a wondrous light,
Many years ago;
The wise men of old saw the guiding star,
Whose beams from the heavenly gates ajar
Did lead to the Christ Child in Bethlehem afar,
Many years ago.

Lead, guiding Star,
Lead, guiding Star,
Lead Thou me on as in dear Bethlehem;
Lead, guiding Star,
Lead Thou me on
As in the days of old, bright Star of Bethlehem.

‘Twas a beautiful visions that to man was giv’n,
Many years ago,
And a wonderful message that was sent from heav’n,
Many years ago;
O beautiful vision in lowly stall!
O life-giving message to great and small,
The “peace and goodwill,” bringing gladness to all,
Many years ago. [Refrain]