Lo The Shepherds Calling

Lo! the Shepherd’s calling
Those who’ve gone astray,
Out upon the mountain
Wand’rers far away;
Sweet the accents falling
Now upon your ear,
Will you not this tender Shepherd hear.

Calling, calling now for thee,
hear oh, hear His welcome voice;
To His call now heeding,
In His pastures feeding,
Shepherd of the sheepfold,
Thou art now our choice.

Jesus calls the children
As He did of old,
For he longs to make them
Lambs of His own fold;
Jesus will receive them-
He will not say nay-
As He did once He will do today. [Chorus]

Ev’ry heart that’s yearning
Shall behold His face,
Folded to His bosom
Ev’ry child of grace;
In His lasting kingdom,
Kingdom of His love,
He will make them heirs with Him above. [Chorus]