Lo The Sun Is Rising Out Of The Sea

Lo, the sun is rising out of the sea,
Golden rays are playing on woods and lea,
Oh, what joy and gladness, though all is still,
On each golden morning all nature fill.

I will breathe with rapture the verdant air,
Thank the Lord who gave me this day so fair,
And, although surrounded by sin and death,
I may live to praise Him for life and breath.

Bless the Lord who makes me, as day is born,
In my soul and body to feel the morn,
And that night is vanquished, and griefs are gone,
When I dare to whisper, “Thy will be done!”

Oh, that I forever may dare embrace
Thee, sweet day, the bearer of light and grace.
Glory upon glory spread’s thou abroad
From my heavenly Father, my Lord and God.

Though I shall encounter an evil wave,
Day by day draw nearer my waiting grave,
God Himself defends me, I am His child,
And in death He shields me with mercy mild.

Lo, the sun ascends from the sea anew,
Death’s dark shadows vanish like morning dew.
Oh, what songs of gladness rise evermore,
When the sun stands radiant on life’s bright shore.