Lo The Voice Of Jesus

Lo! the voice of Jesus
Fondly speaks to all;
He it is Who frees us
From sin’s bitter thrall;
He it is Whose nature,
Human as our own,
Pleads for every creature
By the Father’s throne.

Lo! the voice of Jesus,
Heard within the breast,
Tells us He will ease us,
Howso’er distressed:
Tells us that our sorrow
For the night may last,
But a glad to-morrow
Breaks upon us fast.

Lo! the voice of Jesus
Bids us still endure:
Seek not what will please us,
But things just and pure;
Strive through self-denial
Upwards to the light,
Where faith’s years of trial
Shall be lost in sight.

The Hymnal: revised and enlarged as adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord