Lo We See The Sign Appearing

Lo! we see the sign appearing,
Jesus comes the Judge severe,
Hell is trembling, earth is quaking,
Sinners shrink with awful fear.
Come to Judgment
Stand your awful doom to bear.

See! the world in flame a burning,
Hills and mountains fly away,
The moon in blood the stars a flaming,
comets blazing through the sky,
Thunder rolling!
Sinners now for help do cry.

From the general conflagration,
Mounts the righteous up on high,
Gain the hope of their salvation,
Live with God no more to die,
Glory to the Lamb they cry.

Stop my soul look back and wonder,
See the wicked left behind,
Hear them crying, weeping, wailing,
for a moment’s ease to find;
Doomed to sorrow,
In the lake of hell confined.

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians,