Lo Wisdom Crieth In The Streets

Lo, wisdom crieth in the streets,
In solemn tones of warning;
Amid the concourse loud repeats,
The end of time is coming.

The voice of wisdom cries to all,
The end of time is coming soon;
The voice of wisdom cries to all,
Escape the sinner’s awful doom.

Hear, O ye craving, restless throng,
The gospel invitation,
It tells you what you’ve needed long-
The touch of God’s salvation. [Refrain]

Young men, in all your revelry,
Young ladies, proud and thoughtless,
Will you be saved eternally,
Or die forever hopeless? [Refrain]

You drown your souls in follies deep,
You plunge in sin’s perdition,
Yet wisdom cries upon the street,
In God there is redemption. [Refrain]

Ye aged sinners surely know
Your end of time is coming,
And youthful summers swiftly flow
Down to the vale of mourning. [Refrain]

Come, old and young, come, rich and poor,
We have but one probation;
Be wise, repent and sin no more,
Accept a free salvation. [Refrain]

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