Lord From Thy Throne Of Flowing Grace

Lord, from thy throne of flowing grace
Thy choicest blessing give;
And on thy servants cause thy face
To shine, and they shall live.

Enrich them with thy heav’nly grace,
Unite their hearts in love;
May they, in all thy holy wsy,
to thee themselves approve.

Let harmony and holy love,
And friendship ever run,
Thro’ all their thoughts and life to prove,
Of twain they now are one.

Allure them, Jesus! with thy charms,
And joyfully they’l flee,
by faith and love into thine arms,
And thus be one in thee.

Adorn their house, adorn their ways,
With fruit, divinely fair;
So in this world they’l shew thy praise,
In th’ next thy glory share.