Lord Give Us Ears To Hear

Lord! give us ears to hear
What Thy good Spirit saith,
With reverence and with godly fear,
With meekness and with faith;

That so, the joyful sound,
Our willing minds may learn,
And, where iniquities abound,
Things excellent discern.

Lord, give us eyes to see
The wonders of Thy Law,
Its justice, truth, and purity;
That touch’d with holy awe,
Conscience no longer dumb,
Sin’s guilt and curse may own;
Then from the storm of wrath to come,
Cling to the Cross alone.

Lord, give us hearts to feel
The bliss of pardoning love,
The Spirit’s witness, and the seal
Of sonship from above;
So shall our lips express,
So in our actions shine,
The beauty of true holiness,
The proof that we are Thine.

Sacred Poems and Hymns