Lord God Almighty King Of Heaven

Lord God Almighty, King of heaven,
To whom we owe our being, life and breath,
By whom are all our blessings given,
Whose might delivers us from pain and death:
We praise and magnify Thy holy Name,
That Thou hast kept alive faith’s fervent flame.

Lord Jesus Christ, our only Savior,
Who came on earth to give His life for men,
To earn for us the Father’s favor,
Whose love is far beyond our mortal ken:
We praise Thy mercy, which upheld our arm
And let us build this home secure from harm.

O Holy Spirit, God of Power,
Who thro’ the Word preserv’st our hearts in faith,
We praise Thy goodness ev’ry hour,
Which kept our strength and heavy load beneath:
We laud Thy Name with hearts and souls aglow
For all the grace and truth Thou didst bestow.

Thou Triune God of grace unending,
O let us realize Thy love untold,
That all our life we may be spending
In deeds of love and mercy manifold,
Till Thou Thyself wilt bid Thy children come
And take us up to our eternal home!